Services and Cheese Box

  • Cheese Box

    Depending on demand, all cheeses are from France: the cheese plate can change anytime, but we choose the best combo for the perfect taste. Accompanied with the fresh Bread from a local bakery, it depends on the day you order.

    Cheese Selection:

    1. Les 3 Vallées “Courchevel, Meribel, Val Thorens”

    Small cheese plate, 3 different cheeses: Comté 12 month aged, Crottin saint-Germain (Goat), Camembert of Normandie accompanied with charcuterie.

    (Picture: Vegetarian option available)

    $60 (2 persons or appetizer) Order Now

    2. Les Portes du Soleil “Morzine, Avoriaz”

    Medium cheese plate, served with 4 cheeses: Soignon pur Goat, Saint-Marcelin, Comté 12 month aged, Crottin Saint-germain accompanied with charcuterie.

    $110 (4 persons) Order now

    3. La Vallée Blanche “Chamonix”

    Large cheese plate with 5 cheeses: Soignon pur Goat, Saint-Marcelin, Comté 12 month aged, Crottin Saint-germain goat, Tomme de Savoie or Camembert of Normandie accompanied by charcuterie.

    $160 (6 persons) Order Now

    4. Reblochon “Tartiflette Box” (exclusive)

    Large plate with Reblochon from French farmer, comes with all ingredients to make a Tartiflette and also charcuterie.

    $90 (4 – 6 persons) Order Now

    5. Mont d’or “Massif du Jura” (exclusif Limited)

    Large plate with Mont d’Or from Jura with potatoes and charcuterie.

    $80 (2 persons) Order now

    6. Farmer Reblochon Only (exclusive Limited)

    $45,99 Order now

    7. Custom Cheese box:

    Choose 3 cheeses in the list below:

    Camembert, Saint Germain goat, Saint Maure de Touraine, Tomme de Savoie, Gruyere 1655, Comté 12 month aged, Saint Nectaire, Soignon pure goat, Morbier, Roquefort (blue cheese).

    Accompanied with charcuterie.

    $80 (2 persons box), possible to custom for more people Order now

    9. Mountain/Lake Box:

    With your cheese box in hand, get ready
    to explore the great outdoors. 2 best mountain cheese accompanied with charcuterie, bread. Selected to make an awesome picnic everywhere you go. (Serves 2)

    $50 (2 persons box), Order now

    10. Monthly cheese box

    Order a box containing just cheese, 5 different cheeses selected by our cheese specialist. The cheeses selected change every month depending on the stock and the cheese available.


    – 3 months, get 10 % off = $259

    – 6 months, get 15% off = $490

    Make your order today and receive a delivery every month on the same date.

    $92 cheese only, subscription available for 3 or 6 month Order now

  • Cheese Fondue

    Cheese fondue is the best French experience which you can have in the comfort of your own home.

    A French chef will provide the French Cheese fondue experience and talk about the history of the cheeses which will feature in your fondue.

    Full services included:

    • Appetizer
    • Wine
    • Cheese fondu (Original recipe from France in Savoie)
    • Bread

    $120/pp (Services for 2 to 8 people) Order now

  • Raclette Delivery

    Raclette: typical cheesy French winter dish.

    If you’re a cheese lover, and you’ve never tasted raclette, your life is about to change.. drastically! Raclette is a semi-soft cheese that gets its name from the French verb “racler” (meaning to scrape), and it is exactly the method used to serve this cheese.

    From French culinary tradition, this dish was adopted by peasants in the mountainous region in Savoie (North French Alps).

    A couples slices of cheese are placed in the flat skillet (pan) until it melts, at which point it’s served to your table. Everyone grabs a skillet and scrapes the cheese on to your plate!


    • Raclette cheese from France unpasteurized
    • Potatoes
    • Charcuterie
    • Pickles
    • Vegetables
    • Bread
    • Raclette machine included
    • Delivery

    $55/pp. (For 2 to 8 person per serving) Order now

    Raclette machine rental only $35