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The Best cheese experience in Whistler


Cheese Fondue

Cheese fondue is the best French experience which you can have in the comfort of your own home. A French chef will provide the French Cheese fondue experience and talk about the history of the cheeses which will feature in your fondue. Full services included: $130/pp (Services for 2)…

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Raclette Delivery

Raclette: typical cheesy French winter dish. If you’re a cheese lover, and you’ve never tasted raclette, your life is about to change.. drastically! Raclette is a semi-soft cheese that gets its name from the French verb “racler” (meaning to scrape), and it is exactly the method used to serve…

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Cheese Box

Depending on demand, all cheeses are from France: the cheese plate can change anytime, but we choose the best combo for the perfect taste. Accompanied with the fresh Bread from a local bakery, it depends on the day you order. Cheese Selection: Small cheese plate, 3 different cheeses accompanied…

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French’eese Event:

*New POP-UP store June 2nd, 4pm-6pm

Cheese List:

– Chabichou AOP (Goat),

– Langres AOP (Cow), Gold medal 2021

– Mothais sur feuille (Goat),

– Saint Marcelin grand cru AOP,

– Crottin Germain (Goat),

– Tomme de Savoie AOP,

– Camembert d’isigny AOP,

– Saint-Nectaire AOP,

– Saint maure de Touraine AOP,

– Bouchet Abondance Laitier AOP,

– Bois blond Mont d’or AOP,

– Le Gruyere 1655 AOP,

– Reblochon de Savoie Fermier AOP,

– Chabert Beaufort été AOP,

– Reblochon de Savoie AOP,

– Comté AOP 12 month aged,

– Morbier Reserve AOP,

– Roquefort AOP,

– Raclette cheese (Garlic, Savoy and white wine)

– Manigodine (exclusive)

– Cantal

All products are made from milk. Delivery with bread, charcuterie and nuts, Please let us know if you have any allergens when ordering, Vegetarian and gluten-free available.