Raclette Delivery

Raclette: typical cheesy French winter dish.

If you’re a cheese lover, and you’ve never tasted raclette, your life is about to change.. drastically! Raclette is a semi-soft cheese that gets its name from the French verb “racler” (meaning to scrape), and it is exactly the method used to serve this cheese.

From French culinary tradition, this dish was adopted by peasants in the mountainous region in Savoie (North French Alps).

A couples slices of cheese are placed in the flat skillet (pan) until it melts, at which point it’s served to your table. Everyone grabs a skillet and scrapes the cheese on to your plate!


  • Raclette cheese from France
  • Potatoes
  • Charcuterie
  • Pickles
  • Vegetables
  • Raclette machine included
  • Delivery

$50/pp. (Minimum 2 persons) Order now

Raclette machine rental only $40

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